Timespan's Artist in Residence programme is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Eurpoean Community Highland Leader 2007-2013 Programme

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Looking Forward to Looking Back

Drawing ice

Making artwork involves juggling, sorting and locating all the things that I learn about a place, a landscape and a time. There are always more ideas about processes, materials, sources and stories. Then there comes a time when I have to decide which thoughts are the most important, which idea will I develop and how will it communicate all that I have learned.

When I first came to Helmsdale in Midsummer 2010 it was the Icehouse, the River Helmsdale and the sea that I was interested in. That is still so and the work I put in the Icehouse in September will reflect that. I hope it will describe how being human over the years can be hard work for most of us. Its name is The silence of the moon - this work will describe what I see and not explain what I think. Ask me when I there and I will try and answer any questions about how much being in Helmsdale has meant for me.